International Pastor Appreciation Day October 9th declared
Pastor Appreciation Day

International Pastor Appreciation Day October 9th declared

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  1. A pastor is the leader of a Christian congregation who also gives advice and counsel to people from the community or congregation. In Lutheranism, Catholicism, Eastern Orthodoxy, Oriental Orthodoxy and Anglicanism, pastors are always ordained.
  2. In Methodism, pastors may be either licensed or ordained. October is observed as International Pastor Appreciation Month & Day (also known as Clergy Appreciation Month), and Pastor Appreciation Day — a day set aside within the month to celebrate pastors Day is October 9 this year.  
  1. The month recognizes the contributions and services of pastors, priests, reverends, ministers, and all other clergymen. Devotees, on Pastor Appreciation Day, come together to express their gratitude to pastors and other staff of the church. 
  1.  Many congregations observe the day by taking up a special offering to bless their pastors. Others may show their gratitude through different means such as honoring their pastors with meals, gifts, and even paid vacations or Anything special gifts. 
International Pastor Appreciation Day October 9th declared
International Pastor Appreciation Day October 9th declared 43

For a long time (since 1992, precisely), October has been observed as Pastor & Clergy Appreciation Month in the U.S. The call to honor our church leaders’ contributions goes back to the time of Apostle Paul.  

  1. As founder of many of the first Christian churches, Paul enjoined the congregation to give ‘double honor’ to the elders who managed the affairs of the church.  
  1. He was especially concerned about honoring “those whose work is preaching and teaching.” Paul the apostle also entreated Christian communities to acknowledge those “who work hard among you, who care for you in the Lord, and who admonish you.” 
  1.  He believed that holding these spiritual leaders “in the highest regard in love because of their work” is crucial to Christian beliefs.  
  1. Even though clergymen had enjoyed special standing in their parishes, it wasn’t until 1992 that Focus on the Family, an American Christian organization, would begin promoting Pastor Clergy Appreciation Month as a national month of observance.  
  1. In highlighting Pastor Clergy Appreciation Month, focus on the Family urged that there be a national celebration of the clergymen, who play important roles in the functioning of the Church. 
  1.  From Pastor Clergy Appreciation Month came the idea of dedicating one specific day to pay tribute to the pastors. This day came to be known as Pastor Appreciation Day.  
  1. You may also know this day as Clergy Appreciation Day. As of 2019, the number of people employed as clergies in the United States stands at 458,411. 


 Thank your pastor 

  1. Give your pastor a ‘Thank-You Basket’ on Pastor Appreciation Day. You can fill the basket with their favorite brand of coffee, snacks, fruits, and anything that might be of use to them.  
  1. Offer to volunteer  

Lend your pastor a hand by volunteering at the organization where they minister, such as a hospital or nursing home. Your pastor will appreciate the effort and it is a good way for you to give back to society. 

  1. Redecorate your pastor’s offic  

Request contributions from your congregation to update your pastor’s office. Get them comfortable chairs, calendars, new artwork, or other furnishings. 

  1. It’s the largest religion in the world. 

Almost a third of the world’s population consider themselves Christian.  

  1. Christmas is an ancient celebration  

The earliest celebration of Christmas dates to 336 A.D.  

  1. Not all Catholics believe in ‘hell’  

One in four Catholics does not believe in hell, despite scripture and Catholic teaching about its existence. 

  1. It’s the dominant religion in America 

 71% of Americans identify as Christian.  

  1. It shares roots with Judaism and Islam. 

They are all ‘Abrahamic’ religions, with all three believing in Abraham as a forefather and a prophet.  


 Pastors serve the church daily  

Pastors prepare weekly messages, manage the financial obligations of the church, and nurture the spiritual well-being of their congregants. They are often at the center of our communities. 

  1. They play a vital role in our lives 

 Pastors are often involved in the big events of our lives, including baptisms, weddings, and funerals. They uphold our faith and guide us through important moments of our lives. 

  1. They sacrifice their comforts to care for the flock 

 Pastors sacrifice their comfort for the sake of doing God’s work. Pastors serve as missionaries in hostile areas worldwide, care for the disadvantaged, and lead many social movements. 


  Year Date Day 

2022 October 9 Sunday, 2023 October 8 Sunday, 2024 October 13 Sunday, 2025 October 12 Sunday, 2026 October 11 Sunday. 

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