Weird Ex-MLA Asif Mohammad Khan abusive threats to cop 022
FIR against a Congress Ex-MLA named Asif Mohammad Khan for mishandling a working Police cop

Weird Ex-MLA Asif Mohammad Khan abusive threats to cop FIR against Congress Ex-MLA

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Ex-MLA Asif Mohammad Khan was arrested from shaheen bagh, On Friday (November 25), the Delhi Police stopped a First Data Report (FIR) against a Congress Ex-MLA named Asif Mohammad Khan for mishandling, mauling, and compromising a working cop. Supposedly, Congress pioneer Asif Khan has now been arrested from Shaheen Bagh after he gave a provocative discourse and pestered a cop.

In a viral video, he was seen tending to a huge social occasion of individuals outside Tayyab Masjid in the Jamia Nagar area of Delhi. Asif Mohammed Khan was crusading for his little girl, Arifa Khan, who has been challenging the impending MCD decisions.

The Congress chief and ex-MLA Asif Mohammad Khan was interposed by sub-inspector Aksha

Ex-MLA Asif Mohammad Khan along with Delhi police cop SI Akshay being arrested for abusing a cop
Weird Ex-MLA Asif Mohammad Khan abusive threats to cop FIR against Congress Ex-MLA 43

The Congress chief and ex-MLA was interposed by sub-inspector Akshay, who found out if he had looked for consent from the Political race Commission (EC) for leading the public gathering utilizing an uproarious hailer bullhorn.

On hearing that, a disturbed Asif Mohammed Khan ranted and raved and mauled the cop. “Saale tujh jaisa kitna police vala meina sidha kar diya (I have made a few police, for example, you toe my line)”, he was heard as saying.

Before long, the official was gheraoed and harassed by Congress allies. In the midst of boisterous cheers and commendation, the previous Congress MLA compromised, “Chal chala jaa nahin toh juice nikal dunga tera (Get lost before I mess you up).”

While throwing slurs, for example, ‘kutte’, ‘chal bh*sdike’, he blamed the Delhi police faculty for “stealing from individuals in the Muslim region”. “I will push you into the tunnel that you came from,” Asif Mohammed Khan proceeded with his messages. He filled in as the Congress MLA somewhere in the range of 2009 and 2013.

Strangely, the Congress chief assisted the “Muslim region” figure of speech that has been utilized to irritate and try and commit brutality against non-Muslims. The “Muslim region” saying basically implies that the region is overwhelmed by Muslims.

And subsequently, ordinary guidelines of the land wouldn’t matter to the area and just the Islamic regulation would apply – as though every Muslim-ruled region resembled a smaller than expected Kashmir with a variant of Segment 370.

This has frequently prompted strict parades of Hindus being gone after and different Hindus being annoyed, scared and, surprisingly, went after all the while. We have found in the beyond a few Hindus being gone after on the grounds that they considered getting through a “Muslim region” or when strict parades were going through mosques of a “Muslim region”.

In 2018, for instance, a youthful Hindu kid Chandan Gupta was killed while taking out a Tiranga Yatra. Around then, “Dissidents” and the media had faulted Chandan for his own homicide, it was raising “provocative mottos” like Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram while getting through a “Muslim region to guarantee that he”.

Basically saying that Chandan was liable for his own homicide since he thought for even a second to go through an area that was overwhelmed by Muslims and raising trademarks that they found “hostile”.

While Congress and Rahul Gandhi are professing to walk miles for a “Bharat Jodo Yatra”, his chiefs appear to be partitioning India by underwriting the possibility of Muslim ghettos where non-Muslims are at risk to be gone after and manhandled.
FIR against Asif Mohammed Khan

The Delhi police booked the previous Congress MLA under Indian Reformatory Code (IPC) Segments 186 (deliberately discouraging a working community worker) and 353 (attack to prevent community worker from the release of his obligation), in view of the grievance by sub-examiner Akshay at Shaheen Bagh police headquarters.

While talking about the turn of events, the police educated, “On November 25, a police workforce, Sub Overseer Akshay, during watching in the space saw a social occasion of around 20-30 individuals before Tayyab Masjid.”

“The police officer arrived at before Tayyab Masjid close to the social event, where Asif Mohammad Khan, an occupant of Thokar number 9, Shaheen Bagh, Delhi alongside his allies was available before Tayyab Masjid and tending to the get-together utilizing a convenient speaker,” it added.

Delhi Chief of Police (Southeast), Esha Pandey, further commented, “Khan kicked forcefully and off getting into mischief with him. He likewise utilized oppressive language, and criminal power and abused SI Akshay.”
Delhi police capture previous ex-Congress MLA for attacking SDMC workers

In November last year, the Delhi police captured Asif Mohammed Khan for attacking four on-the-job SDMC (South Delhi Metropolitan Enterprise) laborers in the Shaheen Bagh region. The advancement came after the video of the attack circulated around the web via online entertainment.

Asif Mohammed Khan was seen whipping four SDMC workers with a stick. He had additionally constrained them to twist down and hold their ears with their hands, in the position known as becoming Murga. “Murga boycott (Squat on the ground like chicken),” he and his adherents shouted at the laborers.

The ex-Congress MLA was seen heaving the choicest of swearwords at the metropolitan laborers for eliminating a political flag of the party, on the alleged guidelines of the Aam Aadmi Party. In any case, Asif Mohammed Khan said that he didn’t realize that the people he attacked are civil laborers, and said that he rebuffed them for elimination.

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